Graham Process Mapping Software - Version 8

Make sense of your workflow and figure out simpler and better ways to do the work.
Provide a visual display of the forms, documents and systems that drive your processes.

"No other mapping software is able to so quickly and simply show the details of a work process. Details that make the waste and opportunities for improvement glaringly obvious. A Graham Process Map never fails to impress. Its ability to breakdown any process, no matter how complex, generates tremendous credibility for the mapper, and for the improvement process."
Harold Peters, P.Eng., Director of Performance Improvement, PeaceHealth ...more testimonials

Graham Process Mapping Professional Edition (our flagship product since 1990) provides multiple features to support a continuous improvement program: output to playscript procedures, linking between charts and to other documents, integrity analysis report, quick list of all the maps in your process map library...

Free Trial!

Starter Edition - $99.00

The affordable Graham Process Mapping Starter Edition was introduced with small business and independent consultants in mind. 100% compatible with the Professional Edition, use the Starter Edition to put good process maps in front of process improvement team members and easily update maps as needed...

Get your Step-by-Step Manual for Identifying, Assessing and Measurably Improving Business Processes...
NEW! - The Process Improvement Project Guide and The Process Improvement Project Workbook
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Graham Process Flowchart

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