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What we got exceeded our most optimistic expectations.
"Wheeler Machinery Co. purchased Graham Process Mapping software about 5 years ago. What we got exceeded our most optimistic expectations. The Graham Process Mapping software helped our quality teams discover inefficiencies in our business.  Other charting tools exist, but none that are specialized at mapping workflow.  This tool can be successfully used by any business in any industry to make them better at what they do.  The learning curve is short, so benefits can begin to be realized within days."      Todd Rigby, former Process Improvement Manager, Wheeler Machinery Co.
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Graham Process Mapping Software is wrapped in a methodology that helps people be successful.  Collect good data, prepare good maps and make good things happen!

Improvement project facilitators manage improvement projects. They work with client process owners (department, division, function, unit, etc.) to define projects. The facilitator is the process chart and work improvement expert who prepares process maps, explains the maps to process improvement team members, provides process maps for the team members to study, and remaps the process to incorporate their new ideas. Facilitators guide the process improvement team (the process experts) through analysis, cost and benefits calculations, proposal preparation, and installation of the improvements.
- Contribute to the success of your organization.
- Lead successful process improvement projects based on clear understanding of the existing work.
- Be the first person in your organization to understand process flows from beginning to end.
- Engineer new processes and changes - don't just guess!
- Provide others with the opportunity to rise to their potential.
- Show others how their work fits into larger processes.
- Show others how they contribute to the organization.
- Use the maps and methodology to instill teamwork and improve morale.
- Become the expert and make a difference!
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