The Secret to Understanding Business Processes

Make sure your process maps answer the questions below...

The goal of a process map is to help people understand the process that it represents. If you want to blow your customers, clients, and associates away, make sure your process maps answer these questions...but let this be our secret.
The emphasis on the document...clearly sets this approach apart from all the others.
“The keys to this approach . . . are the involvement of the workers and the simplicity of the mapping approach. Even those participants who have never seen a process chart can almost instantly see how the process works, their role in it, and how it can be improved. This level of involvement means continuous buy-in, which significantly improves the chances of success. The emphasis on the document as the key process element and the ability to diagram the document to flow easily, rapidly, and clearly sets this approach apart from all the others.”
Fredric D. Heilbronner, Dir. of Systems Consulting, Digital Consulting & Software Services, Inc. (more testimonials)
Shhhh - The secret to good flow charting.

Use Graham Process Mapping to answer these questions and create simpler, streamlined office workflows: less waste, lower cost, more revenue, improved customer experience...start today.




Graham Process Maps answer these questions.
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Graham Process Flowchart

Graham Process Mapping Software is the definitive tool for business process improvement. Graham Process Charts provide a picture of the process with enough detail to allow (and stimulate) common sense improvement ideas by the people who do the work. "By the people who do the work" is the key.

This methodology has been successfully applied by thousands of organizations across the United States, Canada and beyond for over fifty years. It has accounted for BILLIONS of dollars in productivity improvement savings.

The reasons that this methodology has endured and been so successful are:

  1. It places the responsibility for making changes in the hands of the people who should be making changes -- the people who actually do the work, and
  2. It provides them with clear, accurate process maps of their work.

Graham Process Maps display all the items involved in a process, step by step. Graham process maps show what flows through the process, what happens to each item, where the work is done, when things happen, and who is involved.

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