See the Value-Added Steps in Your Flow Charts

Information changes and physical changes

Value-added symbols

Where is the "value-added"?

Value-added is a critical process component that is missing from most process flow charts. Graham Process Maps, on the other hand, show every instance where data is added, deleted or used in an information process, and every time a part or product is physically altered in a manufacturing process.

Detail Process Chart Value


Value-added in an information flow is new information -- when information is added or changed. It is displayed in a flow chart with an Add/Alter symbol Add-Alter Symbol with one exception -- the first time information is entered on a document an Origination symbol Origination Symbol is used. The Origination symbol makes it easy to find new items that are created in a process. You can quickly spot the Origination symbol in the center of the illustration.
Value-added in a manufacturing flow is a physical change to a product that takes it a step closer to completion. It is represented with a Do symbol Do Symbol
All the other symbols are Non-value-added steps. Handling operation symbols handling Symbol represent doing non-value-added work. These symbols tend to show up more often that any other. They identify the setup and put away steps in manufacturing processes and "paper shuffling" in information processes. By the way, keying through database screens, doing lookups and other electronic activities that don't change the information are all handling steps.
One special type of handling step is found only at the end of a process line. The Destroy symbol Destroy Symbol represents an activity that causes the Item to cease to exist. Its purpose is to show activities of purging and cleansing that are built into a system. There is one Destroy symbol in the illustration.
Value-Added Steps in a Process Map
Graham Process Maps show the details.
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