Where is the PROCESS TIME consumed?

Where is most of the time spent?

Most of the time in most processes is consumed by delays. Do your flow charts even show delays?...Most don't. Graham Process flow charts show delays for each item in the process as well as the time consumed by other activities. Times can be associated with every step and displayed wherever relevant, particularly with delays.

most of the time is consumed by delays

Time (When & How Long)

Storage and Delays are displayed in the flow chart with their own symbol - delay symbol. It is common to find them at the end of a process line where they typically indicate long-term storage. But you may also find them throughout a process where they are holding up the work. Delays generally account for over 95% of the processing time!
Almost all of the processing time, and most OTHER process maps don't even show delays!

Graham Process Maps show the details.
Look for the delay symbols Delay Symbol to find most of the processing time.  Of course, other steps may consume large amounts of time, but most of the time is typically consumed by delays.
Delays in a process map
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