Process Improvement Project Guide and Workbook

The Process Improvement Project Guide

takes you through the steps involved in an improvement project in a succinct narrative highlighted with illustrations and key points. It is supported by a thorough collection of checklists that provide systematic structure to each phase of your project. Capture details of your project on the accompanying forms (in this book or in the supplementary workbook) and file them away with your project maps and other project data to review with your next follow up project.
Includes 9 process improvement checklists, 7 process improvement cost worksheets, a Project Agreement form and and 2 forms to support implementation of the new methods!
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The Process Improvement Project Workbook

provides process improvement checklists, worksheets, and forms to help you complete a successful process improvement project. These are the same documents that are provided in the Guide. The Workbook is intended as a working document (set) that can be filed away with other project data and recalled on a later process review.
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Process Improvement Project Kickstarter - FREE

Process Improvement Project Kickstart

Project Kickstarter

The Process Improvement Project Kickstarter

The Process Improvement Project Kickstarter is a pdf document formatted for double-sided printing. It includes the first three sections of the Process Improvement Project Guide: Define the Project, Get Everybody on Board, and Collect the Facts. It also includes the Project Definition Checklist, the Data Collection Checklist, and the Project Definition Agreement. I hope this Kickstarter helps you get a great start on your next project.
Published by: Working Smarter

Detail Process Charting: Speaking the Language of Process

A how-to guide for drawing Graham Process Maps.  187 pages with over 100 illustrations.
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