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Process Improvement Methodology

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Process Improvement Methodology

The Graham Process Improvement Methodology outlined below, like Lean, Six Sigma, TQM and others, has its roots firmly planted in the early methods of scientific management. You will find a strong similarity between this six-step model, Six Sigma's DMAIC, and PDCA/PDSA promoted by Deming and Shewart. The principal difference between the Graham Methodology and the others is its focus on information processes. The Graham Process Mapping Method, introduced in 1944, is an extension of the flow process chart, a mainstay in manufacturing process improvement, that has been adapted to information processing to display multiple documents and their relationships.

Process Mapping Method

The Graham Process Mapping Method is a powerful, detailed process flowcharting method that will help you blow away your customers and associates. It has been helping people develop better business processes since the 1940's. Well-prepared Graham Process Maps are easy to understand and work with. The following process improvement methodology outline includes articles and forms to help you be successful with your process improvement work and to help you manage your business processes.

Define the Project
Select a process to study. Identify objectives.  Identify process start point and end point, WHO does the work, and WHERE the work is done. Get appropriate support and approval.
Define the Project Preparing for Successful Process Improvement
Agreement Form1
Project Definition Checklist1
Gather the Facts
Inform the people who are involved in the process about the project and ask for their support with an executive announcement. Interview experienced employees while gathering facts at the workplace. Use the questioning method, the symbols as shorthand and be quick and respectful of the "experts" you are interviewing.
Gather the Facts Getting Everyone on Board
Collecting the Facts
Fact Gathering
Data Collection Checklist1
Prepare a Process Map
If your goal is process improvement, then a solid understanding of the existing process is essential. A properly prepared Graham Process Map displays every form and document (paper and electronic) along with every database, system, application, website... in the process. It shows WHAT happens to each item, WHO does the work, WHERE the work is done and HOW LONG it takes.
To get a feel for working with the software, begin by copying another chart. A sample chart 'Receiving.pdf' is provided for this. Also, read through the Getting Started manual and print out Keyboard Shortcuts.pdf and Using Graham Process Mapping Software.pdf. These are all installed with the software and made available on the Start Menu.
Prepare a Process Map Graham Process Mapping Software Buy Now!
Flowchart Symbols for Process Mapping
Flowchart Conventions
Preparing a Process Map
The Key to Good Process Mapping
10 Keys to Better Process Mapping
Capturing Reality in a Process Map
Understanding Business Processes
Tools & Techniques Checklist
Getting Started - A Self-Guided Tour
Challenge the Current Method
Use the questioning method to work through the process map one step at a time. Challenge WHAT is happening to eliminate steps; challenge WHO does the work, WHERE the work is done and WHEN the work is done to reorganize the workflow and combine steps.
Challenge the Current Method Business Process Analysis
Calculating Benefits
The Questioning Method
Proposal Preparation Checklist
Benefits and Costs Checklist
Proposal Presentation Checklist
Install the Improved Methods
The project changes from research to "doing". It is this changeover that sometimes keeps good ideas from becoming reality. An implementation coordinator, a few tools, and a solid method will help ensure that the implementation moves forward.
Install the Improved Methods Implementing Change
Implementation Checklist
Manage the Process
Business Process Management is PEOPLE understanding, monitoring and improving business processes. Store your process maps along with relevant process and project data in your process library where it is accessible for training, review, audit, and continuous improvement.
Manage the Process Capturing Corporate Knowledge in a Process Library
Followup Checklist
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The Process Puzzle - 10:48
The Process Puzzle
What is a Process? - 1:45
What is a process?
What do I Map? - 3:00
What do I include in a process map?
Process Mapping Symbols - 13:21
Process Mapping Symbols
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