The Value of Graham Process Maps

Graham Process Maps have provided real value to organizations, helping them save money and build better processes!  By focusing on the items (the forms, documents, email, spreadsheets, systems...), Graham Process Maps provide a level of process understanding that simply is not be achieved with any other mapping method.
Graham Process Maps unlock hidden value in your processes...
process map value
Step by step instructions...
"A Graham Chart is like step by step instructions for assembly of a bicycle. For comparison purposes, other process mapping tools provide only a notice on the outside of the box 'Assembly Required'."
Bill Roach, CRM, Enterprise EDMS Coordinator, State of North Dakota (more testimonials)

Graham Process Maps tell a story...

Graham Process maps SHOW the FACTS...
Graham Process Mapping Software IS THE ONLY mapping tool designed to follow the flow of all process items (forms, emails, reports, systems...) AND show how they relate to each other.  Graham Process Maps aren't conceptual maps -- they are reality maps. No other mapping technique provides the level of transparency that is provided by a Graham Process Map. No other mapping technique provides the level of decision-making support that is provided by a Graham Process Map. No other mapping technique supports analysis like a Graham Process Map. 

Personal Value

You become the expert and help others become Masters of their processes...
Graham Process Mapping Software is wrapped in a methodology that helps people be successful.  Collect good data, prepare good charts and make good things happen!

Save Time & Money

Eliminate waste, save time, save money, reduce errors, improve customer serviceā€¦ And do it quickly.  This is why Graham Process Maps are used to support so many process improvement methodologies (Six Sigma, BPI, Reengineering, work simplification...), BPM, integration, training, audits, certification requirements, preparing procedures and other tasks that demand transparency in business processes. Before you invest in a BPM or integration solution, understand where you are and what you have. Graham Process Maps show the work people do along with the automated process flow.
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