See WHO does the work in Your Flow Charts

Who is doing the work?

If you are using Graham Process Flow Charts, you see WHO performs each step for each item in the process.  With ANY other flowcharting method, you don't even know what the items are.  So, if any of the people are identified (as with a swimlane chart), their involvement in the process (what they do) is limited to high-level conceptual activities.

Who does the work - shown in blue


The person doing the work is identified at the first step (where a person is involved) and whenever the person changes. The person can change at any symbol (except delays where nobody is doing anything). The text identifying the person doing the work is displayed in blue.

With Graham Process Mapping Software, the person and location are are automatically carried forward to the next step and saved with every step. But we only display them when they change and where it helps the reader understand the flow chart better.
When you are reading a map, you can trace back step by step from any symbol until you find the person (the blue makes it easy). At the first step, while the Shipping Papers are sitting, there is no person involved. Then the Lift Truck Operator removes the Shipping Papers from the pouch.  The person doesn't change until 4 steps later when the Shipping Papers are removed from the in basket by the Secretary.
Detail Process Chart Who
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