Graham Process Mapping Software
Version 8


Get your Step-by-Step Manual for Identifying, Assessing and Measurably Improving Business Processes...
Includes 9 checklists, 7 cost worksheets, a Project Agreement form and and 2 forms to support implementation of the new methods!

The Process Improvement Project Guide
and The Process Improvement Project Workbook

Getting Started Manual
Getting Started: A Self-Guided Tour
This booklet walks you through the software interface and its basic operations. It is available as a PDF and is installed with the software (including the Evaluation software). It can also be downloaded here. Download Getting Started: A Self Guided Tour

Demonstration Videos
Demonstration Videos
Seven videos demonstrate how to perform several of the basic operations used to prepare process maps with the Graham Process Mapping Software.

The demonstration videos can be viewed online and may be downloaded to your PC. The demonstration videos can be accessed from the Help file Contents page and the Help file Topic related to the video.

Educational Video
This video compares Graham Process Mapping with a simple box and arrow flowchart and describes the elements of a Graham Process Map that are essential for understanding business processes. 10 minute video: The Process Puzzle

Sample Chart
Sample Charts
Nineteen sample charts are included with the software.  The charts demonstrate how to use all the symbols and conventions.   They include electronic and manual processes, and examples of the playscript, processing times and hyperlink features.

Process Improvement Articles
Selected Articles
Several articles are available that deal with the charting method in general. Others deal with understanding how to read the charts and how to handle specific situations.
Visit the Articles Library

Process Mapping FAQs
FAQs, Helpful Hints & Shortcuts
FAQs and helpful hints are available on our website. A page of keyboard shortcuts and a 2-page overview of software basics are included with the software.
Visit the FAQs and Helpful Hints
Download the keyboard Shortcuts(pdf)
Download the Process Mapping Software Basics(pdf)

Software Help File
Extensive Help File
Include hundreds of topics. Easily navigated with links from every window in the software and context-sensitive links (if you are in the process of placing an effect and hit the F1 key, you'll launch the help Topic page for Effects.

Chart Integrity Analysis
Chart Integrity Analysis
Chart Integrity Analysis is a feature of Graham Process Mapping Software that analyzes the map for possible mapping-related problems. At the start of each message, the grid location of the object involved is shown (e.g. "M17 Missing Line" indicates that a line is missing at grid M17). Highlight the message line and click a button to go to that problem on the chart.

Real Email Support
Email a chart to us with questions and we will review it for you.

Thanks for your interest. We wish you the best with your improvement efforts!
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