Know WHERE the work is done

Where is the work being done?

Graham Process flow charts clearly show WHERE every item in a process is worked, including items that are worked in parallel. Some other methods may show where work takes place...they just don't show what the work is! And, single-line flows CAN'T show parallel processing. With a Graham Process FLow Chart, you see SPECIFICALLY where every item in the process flows AND what happens to each item in every location it flows through!

See where the work goes

Where -- Transportation

The location of the work is identified on a flow chart at the first step and whenever the location changes. Transport symbols transport symbol tell you every time the location changes. The text identifying the work location is displayed in red.
How much clearer can it be?!
When you are reading a map, you can trace back from any symbol on an Item line to the last transport symbol to find out where you are. If you trace all the way back to the first symbol without reaching a transport symbol... it will tell you there too. Since Effects show a relationship between two items, you can trace back "through" effects. Where is the Receiving Database being checked? Trace back to the origination symbol, follow through the effect and continue tracing to the Transport symbol that shows it is in the Receiving Office!
Where does the work occur - process flow chart
Graham Process Maps show the details.
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