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Compared With Other Tools and Methods...
Graham Process Maps Speak the Language of Process.

They are very different than ambiguous, high-level maps that force multiple and parallel flows into an abstract single-line diagram. Preparing high-level abstract maps, in itself, is difficult and requires the flowcharter and the reader to make assumptions about each box in the process.  Ambiguous single-line process maps also require the analyst to "dig in" and research each box in order to determine the records and the steps and make informed decisions. better way to document, manage, and improve processes...
"I have had the pleasure of association with the Ben Graham Corporation for over 25 years. Even with continual advances in technology, I find there is no better way to document, manage, and improve processes than with the Graham Process Mapping tool. It helps my project teams understand parallel processes and interdependencies that can't be as easily conveyed through any other means that I'm aware of. It guides and validates process improvement efforts, and has made my job as a Program/Project Manager much easier."
Kevin Cartwright, Program Manager, Innova Systems International, LLC (more testimonials)
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