See Decisions and Alternative Processing at the Record Level

Where are decisions made?

Graham Process Maps show decisions at the record level...where decisions are executed.  Many flow charts show decisions, however, with high-level maps, the decision 'diamond' is typically some distance from reality -- see an example of a decision diamond that, superficially, may look okay, but when you dig in just a little, it raises more questions than it answers.

Detail Process Chart decisions

Decision Points

A small solid circle on a flow line represents a Decision Point - this is where a decision is made.  Decision options are represented by multiple alternative lines radiating to the right of the Decision Point. When the Decision Point follows an Inspection symbol, at least one of the alternative paths will be shown as a dotted line. A dotted line represents a Correction or Rejection routine.
The item provides information that determines which alternative path to follow at a Decision Point. There are four decision points in this example. Three of them are decisions about the approval copy of the Receiving Ticket. The fourth decision is about the Accounts Payable copy of the Receiving Ticket. Note also that three of the decisions follow inspections Inspection symbol. The dotted lines represent correction routines.
Decision Points in a Process Map
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