See Controls and Corrective Actions
in Your Flow Charts

Where are the controls?

Most flow charts don't consider controls except as part of a higher level function. For improvement, audit work, and Sarbanes-Oxley process documentation, this is a critical oversight.

control in a process map

Controls - Inspection

The Inspection symbol Inspection symbol tells you that the item is being checked to see if it is right (correct, complete within standard, etc...). A Decision Point typically follows an Inspection symbol, with at least one of the alternatives shown as a dotted line. A dotted line represents a Correction or Rejection routine.  As with all the Graham Process Symbols, control steps are identified for a SPECIFIC document / item.
If multiple items/steps represent a control, that's easily displayed as well. Simply draw a frame around the objects... and link from the frame (or from any individual symbol) to a Controls Matrix.
Look for the Inspection symbols Inspection symbol to find work being checked. At the top of the sample process flow chart, an Order List is being used by the Building Engineer to check the Approval Copy of the Receiving Ticket (follow the line to the left until you get to the Label that identifies the item.
Control Steps in a process flow chart
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