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Graham Process Mapping
or Box and Arrow Flowchart

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box and arrow flowchart
Here's a box and arrow flowchart of a simple software order process.

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Since processing software orders is something that we do here, we modified text in the flowchart slightly to reflect our process (The number of activities and decisions are the same.)

A Graham Process Map of a software order process is displayed below.
View a readable map (113k pdf)

Graham Process Flowchart

This Graham Process Map took less than a day to prepare. Obviously, the image is too small to read, but if you look at the pdf view (Graham Chart (113 KB)), you will see that it clearly shows all the people involved in the process (look for blue text on some of the symbols - if a system or program performs a step, that's displayed as well).  It shows where the work takes place (look for the red text on beginning symbols and on the arrows).  It shows all the items (documents, forms, databases, screens, email...) that are being worked on (they are identified in the rectangle boxes at the left end of every line).  It includes 151 steps and 39 different items. Graham Process Maps provide real transparency.
If you need to understand the process, which would you choose?

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