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Playscript Procedures are written documents that spell out how an activity flow (process) proceeds from one step to the next. They get their name from actual play scripts, where the lines in the play are presented sequentially with actors shown on the left side of a page and their corresponding lines indented to the right. With Playscript Procedures, the steps for performing a task are presented in sequential order (numbered), with the person performing a step shown on the left side of the page and the action required to perform that step shown indented to the right.

In many ways the Playscript format IS like a flowchart. On the chart the flow lines, running from left to right, indicate the sequence of each action. In Playscript, the actions are listed in sentences arranged in time sequence.   Like a Graham Process Map, a Playscript Procedure is a plan for teamwork. It shows WHAT is happening in a process step by step with emphasis on who does the work as it flows from one person to another.

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