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Process Map Audit / Review Schedule

Graham Process Mapping Software

Process Review Schedule

This powerful feature lists all the process maps in a selected library path for 5 different audit review options. This feature was new with Version 7 and only applies to charts created in Version 7 and later versions. To bring an older chart into your audit review schedule: open the chart in version 8, enter a review date in the Summary Key window and save the chart.

Quickly display maps that are due for review within a selected number of days, maps that are past due, maps that are scheduled but not yet due, maps that are not scheduled and maps that have been intentionally excluded from review.

Reports automatically display the process name and review date. Other fields can be selected in the Include section of the Audit Report window.

audit display

Print the report directly, save it as a txt file or save it as a CSV file that can be opened and modified in Excel.

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