Link Between Process Maps
and to Other Documents

Graham Process Mapping Software

Link within a Process Map and Between Maps

Graham Process Mapping Software uses Connector Labels to link between locations within a process map and to link between process maps. Clicking on a Goto Connector with the Link Pointer with take you to the Target Connector.

Goto Connector Labels

are always at the end of a process line and indicate that the flow line continues. In the example below, you see three goto connector labels. They each have a unique name (DOCUMENTATION, IMPROVEMENT, and RENEWAL)and link to a Takrget Connector with the same name. They are all linking to different process maps (in this example, the Connector Labels were given the same name as the process map they are linked to). Above each Connector Label, the grid location of the Target Connector is indicated.

goto connectors

Target Connector Labels

are used at the start of a flow line to indicate linkage from another location. Links may exist between separate charts or between locations within a single chart. The Target Connector joins into the existing line using a Rejoin (a line that bends up or down into another line).

Target Connector

Link to Other Documents

Set a text link to any document that you can open on your computer (Word, Excel, pdf...) Text Links can be associated with any line of text for any Symbol or Label. A common use for text links is to link a pdf version of a form or document from the Label that represents that form or document. In the example above, the blue text inside the Label (Process Definition Agreement Form) is a link to a pdf version of that form.

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